Welcome To Lumina​

By focusing on long-term goals, we help our clients see past the day-to-day market fluctuations.

We recognize that getting to know you is a crucial component to the equation. Together, we will gather and organize all the financial details in your life to establish an individualized plan to guide you toward your long term goals.

Our advice and solutions are grounded in proven investment principles and academic research. Our financial planning and investment management guidance is independent and objective. LuminaFi is a “fee-only” fiduciary, which means, we don’t sell products and must serve the best interests of our clients.

We run our firm based on these principles:

  • Access to ethical, objective and competent financial professionals is key to helping you monitor your finances in the context of the overall financial landscape, with your unique circumstances and goals foremost in mind.
  • Knowledge about your financial data empowers you to make good choices and, ultimately, reach your financial goal.
  • Flexibility in how and when you interact with your advisor and your financial data is important—busy lives require personalized solutions.
  • A sound financial plan is the starting point for all decisions on resource allocation for wealth creation and preservation, risk management and achievement of lifestyle goals.
  • Prudent investment management can be done efficiently and in a low cost manner; achieving good investment results is not a function of security, selection, or timing, but rather, of developing an appropriate asset allocation strategy for your unique financial circumstances and goals.
  • Face-to-face meetings with your advisers are an invaluable tool for helping you navigate the uncertainties of the financial markets.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Financial Freedom?

When you take ownership of your finances, you experience life in a whole new way. Financial stability can boost your health and your happiness, and that improves every area of your life.

When you get in touch with Lumina, you will speak with one of our friendly team members, and then you get to choose if you continue. We’re here to help, and we look forward to meeting you.