LuminaFi can help you organize and understand your financial information.

You have financial questions, such as: How much should I be saving now to maintain my lifestyle during retirement? How will taxes impact my investment choices? What is the best way to pay for my child’s educational expenses? How should I invest my money today to protect my financial future? How can I maximize the compensation benefits offered by my employer? What is the best retirement plan for my business?  Lumina Financial Consultants, LLC can help you answer these questions. Our work together starts with getting organized.  LuminaFi employs sophisticated technology to help you stay organized, updated, and prepared to plan for your future.

Your Personal Financial Website will update your accounts daily, including your Net Worth calculation. Budgeting Tools help you track your spending and monitor your progress toward goals. Your secure Vault will provide storage for your important financial documents. The Awards Manager gives you access to all your travel awards in one location.