Financial Planning


You get an easy, six-step financial planning process, and dedicated advisors who care deeply about your experience, and your success.


Our proven, step-by-step model takes a customized approach to your finances. We begin by discussing your experiences, your situation, and your vision for the future.

Next, we evaluate your current financial situation; using an in-depth, data-gathering process that gives us a clear picture of where you stand. This gives us a firm foundation from which to lay the building blocks of your financial success.

During this next stage, we pair our decades of experience with sophisticated planning software to create your customized financial strategy. This is an exciting moment, because we’ll be developing and determining specific actions to help you achieve your personal goals.

And finally, we help you stick to your goals by implementing and monitoring your plan; and providing ongoing consultations, coaching, and services.


We know that no two situations are alike, and that – however abstract money may seem – your financial situation is tied to your past, and is deeply connected to your desired future. That’s why we take such a personalized approach to your financial plan. You get:

  • Expert Guidance and Support: that allows you to see everything from the big picture, down to the tiniest details
  • Smart Solutions: that have been time-tested, and are fully-customized to your needs, values, interests, and relationships
  • Real People Who Care: so you have team members by your side who understand your perspective, and have experienced similar life transitions and changes
  • Sophisticated Planning Software: so you can benefit from the latest and most effective technology
  • Friendly Experts: with decades of personal and professional experience, and a passion for helping you achieve your goals
  • Measurable Results: that help you lead the life you love, experience financial freedom, and unlock your sense of independence and self-worth

We’re excited for you. By choosing financial planning today – you’re taking a huge step towards your future well being. And that’s something to celebrate.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Financial Freedom?

When you take ownership of your finances, you experience life in a whole new way. Financial stability can boost your health and your happiness, and that improves every area of your life.

When you get in touch with Lumina, you will speak with one of our friendly team members, and then you get to choose if you continue. We’re here to help, and we look forward to meeting you.