Welcome to another week of Social Distancing! For the team at Lumina, the biggest change is that we aren’t meeting in person right now. Otherwise, our work remains the same. We continue daily collaboration as a team; but instead of sitting around a conference table, we each “Zoom” in from our individual locations to make sure we are providing you with the service you expect. 
We also spend a considerable amount of time doing research, analysis and portfolio management activities. These are tasks that adapt well to the new “work from home” culture.
Because we cannot invite you to gather with us in person, we are trying new ways to keep connected in this new world order. Periodically, we’ll be sharing news, insights and behind-the-scenes information using short videos to supplement our email correspondence. This week, we invite you to learn more about our thinking on investment strategy, particularly with regard to our recent research on emerging markets. 
We hope you’ll give us your feedback and suggestions for topics you’d like to see us cover in future videos or live webinars.
Lumina Video Update