Lumina Financial Consultants, LLC Brochure and Brochure Supplement (Form ADV 2)

The LuminaFi Form ADV 2 is divided into two parts, Part 2A and Part 2B. Part 2A, the Disclosure Brochure, provides information about a variety of topics relating to an Advisor’s business practices and conflicts of interest. Part 2B, the Brochure Supplement, provides information about certain advisory personnel.  LuminaFi may amend this Disclosure Brochure to reflect changes in business practices and regulations in addition to routine annual updates as required by regulators. This complete Disclosure Brochure and a summary of material changes shall be provided annually or when material changes are made.

Lumina Financial Consultants, LLC Brochure

Privacy Policy Statement

Form ADV Part 2, which details the business practices, services offered, and related fees of LuminaFi is available above or on the SEC website at

Important Links

If you’ve ever wondered about LuminaFi’s “alphabet soup” (RIA, CFP, for example), below are links to independent organizations who do a good job making sense of all the acronyms.

Yes, RIA stands for registered investment advisor, but it means a lot more than that. You will gain important benefits working with an independent RIA:

  • Tailored advice based on your individual goals and complex needs
  • Simple, transparent fee structure
  • High level of expertise
  • Personal and attentive relationship
  • Your money is held by an independent custodian

The “Let’s Make a Plan” site from the CFP Board boasts a wealth of information to help you in your financial journey:

  • LuminaFi advisors have passed the rigorous CFP exam and maintain continuing education because we believe in the power of this certification.
  • A financial plan is a crucial first step in mapping out your financial future.
  • Looking to improve your financial confidence? This list gives you a great foundation. We can support your efforts through our ongoing advice and recommendations.