After such a long and unusually cold winter, it is very comforting to see signs of spring sprouting up from the soil. March 20th marks the beginning of spring and for baseball fans it’s another indication that opening day is around the corner!

In this issue of the LuminaFi report, read about how baseball can provide a metaphor for sound financial planning. For those of you preparing to send children off to college, there is a brief update on financing this important family goal. And for those thinking about retirement, read “How Much Money Should I Save for Retirement” for a brief overview of how to address your unique situation.

One of the key aspects of personal financial planning is to gather and organize your important records. Contact me for a free copy of a Personal Record Organizer to help you get started.

Read the LuminaFi Report:  march newsletter 2014

The LuminaFi Report: March 2014